a bunch of shit occupying my head, here so i dont 4get.

date refers 2 date of documentation. individual topics separated by commas. a "+" btwn items = im interested in their interactions, &/n/and all = items r conceptually related but im looking at them independently. smth in parentheses after an item = specific facet of item im interested in. extra shit on some of the topics sometimes included in the html 

ender's game, amateurism (outsider music), solvitur ambulando, skeletonizing tang, alexei navalny

control, vulnerability, scarcity mindset,

02.21.21trent reznor & tori amos & courtney love, why rape is more taboo than murder, psycho-pass, titus andronicus, purity

02.22.21 psycho-pass, panchiko, archetypes, lichtenberg figures, the hello kitty murder, post-9/11 GI bill, communism in vietnam, cain rose up (steven king) systemic unification, hume's concentric circles of empathy

02.23.21 psycho-pass, utilitarianism (selfishness + selflessness) vs jung's cognitive functions, lupus + ara constellations, being "doomed"

02.26.21 princess chelsea, venus flytraps

02.27.21 "preventability" and/or "willfullness" in types of deaths (suicide, accidents, illness, murder, "natural" death) + parameters of suicide based on those measures (assisted suicide, sokushinbutsu & sallekhana, martyrdom [n comparison vs suicide bombing]. animal suicide.) as well as instantaneousness (lifestyle diseases. ) + suicide in the context of diff religious/spiritual beliefs regarding what comes after death

31.12.21 twin peaks, russia's dead hand / nuclear war in general #lmao, allegory of the long spoons, simo hayda, game theory

12.02.22 seasonal affective disorder + suggestibility, enhanced torture, madonna-whore complex, rooftopping n trainhopping, eisenhower decision matrix, salience network, point of diminishing return, waldeinsamkeit, uk gun laws, opponent-process theory, horsehead nebula, white holes, viktor frankl