things ive learned from a lifetime of being human

1. nothing is absolute. never isolate something from its context in how u think abt it; it doesnt exist in a vacuum.

1.b. on a similar note, remember that things are sorted into categories for convenience. most things are dimensional, and a lot of the time the threshold value separating one category from the next is somewhat arbitrary.

2. i dont think yr an adult if u arent self-referencing.

3. stop viewing conflict/confrontation as smth 2 be scared of n avoided. its necessary 2 produce the best outcome 4 everyone and thus -- assuming it is well-intentioned -- an act of love.

4. u teach ppl how 2 treat u. dont wait till someones yelling 2 listen or else they will learn that if they want u 2 listen they need 2 yell.

5. its generally better, if the situation permits it, 2 step back and think 4 a second before deciding 2 go along w smth.

6. u should refrain from being spiteful, not just outta goodness, but also self-interest.

7. sometimes the only way 2 win is 2 walk away. dont beat the player, beat the game.

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